Monday, March 7, 2011

Race for the Cure

I have a customer in Pennyslvania who occasionally commissions me to make decorations or favors for parties or fundraisers she is involved with. It's always a surprise what she wants me to do.  This year she asked me to make 36 pink horse sculptures to be used at a "Race for the Cure" fundraiser.The nice thing is that I charge her my wholesale price and she sells them or auctions them off at the fundraiser.So often artists are asked to donate their art for auctions. I'm happy to do that for organizations that I am involved with or support but I often have to turn people down as I just get asked so often. This is a wonderful way to support your "starving artist" and make money for your favorite cause.I love having to figure out how to come up with a dragon hobby horse or acrobat table centerpieces!! I've put a few of these pink horses in my Etsy store.

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