Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cirque dolls

This has been such a fun project! I made 2 dolls for a performer in Cirque du Soleil. Her name is Krin and she is stunning. She is performing in Spain this year. What a life she is living! See her web site at The doll in the cyr wheel is made from hand painted silk fabric from the Cirque's costume shop. I added some painted details to better match her costume. They also gave me some lycra for the other doll but I choose to paint the fabric on the doll. I've had so much fun researching the shapes of the contortionists that I've made a variety of acrobat dolls. They will be on display at the Burkholder Project in Lincoln, NE the month of Feb. I have some of them on my Etsy site as well. My next big custom project is to make 6 large adult sized hobby horses for a fundraiser in Pennsylvania. They will all be magical, mythical, outrageous animals. More fun. I feel very lucky to have so much work right now!! I even had to turn down making props for a children's theatre production. I'm sooo much happier when I am busy!

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